What? Another Wedding?

It’s funny how after my very first stint doing hair for a wedding, I’ve managed to find myself within the ‘wedding circle’ so to speak.

Not too long ago, I did another series of hair for a group of gorgeous bridesmaids. They contacted me with a particular style in mind, sent me pictures of their dress and expressed their desire to have a slightly uniformed yet unique look with each bridesmaid/maid of honour.

So, I happily set to the task of creating similar yet individual looks.

Here’s how it ended up:

10394864_323614331121506_2831427556890504619_n10334317_323627354453537_1337569419570004300_n10300444_323271424489130_1114429525442779640_n 10273741_323298244486448_7619764633309110494_n 10389669_323661157783490_5670135639079743436_n

The real trick to it all was making sure the curls were tight and distinct. I had to make sure that when I was braiding in the curls, I was keeping them whole as they went in. Depending on the girls’ hair, I would either loop the lace braid back underneath to create a double layer effect, or try my best to tuck it into the side. For one of the bridesmaids, I managed to create another twist braid to give it an added layer effect. Another bridesmaid, I also created another braid at the side as she had had a small tuft of hair that was a lot shorter than the rest just above her ear on one side only.

In the end, I’m pretty happy with the result.

Please let me know what you think!

Love Me! xoxo

Golden Aztecs

Welcome to 2014!

Sorry I have been MIA for the past couple of months. Life has been busy, and I have not been able to do as many nail art or hair dos as I would have liked.

But, with the new year underway, I am allocating time back doing the thing I love. Nail art and Hair dos and posting them up for you guys to admire. 🙂

Here’s a design that I did for my beautiful hand model – Emma – who requested Golden Aztec prints.


How I did it:

  1. Apply a good base coat to protect your nails.
  2. With a nice gold glittery polish, apply the base colour. ***Tip: to ensure you don’t paint your fingers as well as your nails, paint the middle strip of your nail first ensuring you line up the brush with the top of your cuticle and stroke towards the tip. Then slowly do the sides of the nails making sure to keep to the cuticle as your border that you never cross!
  3. Using a nice long stripper brush and black nail polish, make the lines you want to do the different Aztec designs in. You can do what I did and changed the direction of the lines on each nail to ‘mix it up’.
  4. You can use a dotting tool, a tooth pick or a very small brush to start filling in each section with different lines. The trick is to keep the patterns rigid with straight lines (hint: lots of triangles helps) and dots.
  5. Once completely dry, apply the top coat to protect your design!

Let me know what you think of this design in the comments section below!

Love Me xoxo


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Spring time Flutter byes

Hey hey!

Another spring time mani, this time inspired by the ever gorgeous monarch butterfly.

Here’s how I did it:
1. Apply base coat (as usual)
2. Using a nice white, apply a solid base colour to prep your nails for the gradient
3. On a sponge (I use a make up sponge), apply generous amounts of yellow and orange polish in two strips.
4. Gently pat the nail polish on the sponge onto each nail. You may need to keep reapplying polish onto the sponge to top it up. Make sure your white coat is completely dry before dabbing the sponge on your nails otherwise your white polish might start coming off.
5. Using a q-tip dipped in polish remover, ensure that you remove all he polish from around the nails.
6. With black nail polish and a fine brush, carefully draw a black arch at the tip of your nails, lengthening the line down one side. Then from the black arch, gently draw three more arches towards the cuticles.
7. With the white nail polish and a small dotting tool, apply white dots on the black arch at the tip of your nails.
8. Once your design has dried, apply a good top coat to smooth out your design and protect it.

You are now done!

I took pictures of the process, so for a more visual instruction, refer to them below.

Love me! Xo









Love Me! xoxo



I heart Monsters Uni

Hey Guys,

Some of you would have already seen my Monsters University nail art if you’ve liked my Facebook page. I tend to keep my Facebook page more up to date than this blog so if you want to stay updated with all my nail art and hair dos and don’t want to wait for me to blog it, just go to my Fb page: Rubimax Hair & Nails

Other than that, it’s time for some Monsters!
This mani was inspired by the newest Monsters movie: Monsters University. I haven’t seen it yet but I love Monsters Inc the first movie!

For the sully design:
1. I used OPI’s Hey! Get in Lime! for the base coat.
2. Using OPI’s Do you Lilac It? and a dotting tool, I made the purple patches on sully’s coat.
3. Finish off with a good top coat. I tend to use Seche Vite.

For Mike Wazowski:
1. I used OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape for the base coat.
2. With a relatively big dotting tool, I used a white nail polish to draw the eye.
3. Then with a nice vibrant blue, I coloured in the inside of the white eye.
4. Finishing off the eye with black nail polish for the iris.
5. Time for the mike wazowski smile. I used the black nail polish and a dotting tool. I gave him a grin
by making one side of the smile bigger than the other.
6. To make the teeth I used white nail polish and the tiniest dotting tool I had. You can also use a toothpick. Carefully making small semi ovals (if that’s what you call it).
7. Once again, finish off with an awesome top coat and you’re done!



Love Me! xoxo

Despicable Minions

Hey guys,

Time for a fun and exciting nail art design!

I decided to do this nail art after a few kids where I work were talking about the new Despicable Me 2 movie that released in cinemas recently.

I have still yet to see it, but I loved the first Despicable Me and am a fan of the game, Minion Rush.

So, here we go:

1. Apply a good base coat to protect your natural nails.
2. Apply a yellow base coat to all nails. You may need to do two coats depending on the consistency of your nail polish.
3. Using a light blue polish for the overalls, apply on the tip of the nail covering approximately one quarter to a third of the nail.
4. With a dotting tool and a grey polish, apply two grey dots for the goggles of the minion. Make sure they are relatively big so you can fit the eyes in.
5. Using a slightly smaller dotting tool and a white polish, fill in the grey dot with white making sure to keep a grey rim around the white.
6. If you don’t have a small dotting tool, you can also use a toothpick to make a small dot for the pupil with black nail polish.
7. Using the same tool and black nail polish, draw different facial expressions on each nail to show the different personalities of the minions.
8. On the minions overalls, they have the Gru symbol. If your overall is big enough, you can draw a portion of the symbol on the logo. It looks like a diamond with a silhouette of Gru in the middle.
9. Finish of your design with a good top coat to protect your design!




Love Me xoxo